Thanks for checking out the Change Agent MasterMentor Program. There has never been an online training and coaching program that equips Christian marketplace leaders to be culture shapers, especially at this value. Join our growing army of change agents who want to make a difference for Christ in our culture! Each month our members meet for group coaching and prayer. I guarantee your life will be transformed or I'll give you your money back!

                                                                                            - Os Hillman

Can you invest 1 hour a week to help you become a more successful Christian workplace leader? 

If so, this program is for you!

“I always looked at myself as ‘little-ole me’ who could never make a big difference in the world. Os showed me that was a lie. I now have a renewed vigor to live for a greater cause.” – Sheila

For only 63 cents a day you can enroll in a training and mentoring program that is valued at over $19,000 a year!

“The Change Agent Master Mentor program is providing me with incredible guidance in defining God’s purpose for my life. It has also helped me gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing Christianity today and where God’s purpose for me will fit in with these challenges. I also recognized a stronghold in my life that God has removed. The program is indeed a little like “drinking from a firehose” but taken day by day, a lesson at a time, there is so much to be learned that is very beneficial to any Christian with a desire to learn, deepen their walk and influence the culture.”
- Craig Lyon, Orange Cty, California

"Hi Os,

The program is great and I especially like the variety of courses! Thank you for following God’s call for your life... which benefits so many people, who in turn can become equipped to follow their call."
                           - Marina, Australia

Os Hillman is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and consultant on the subject of faith at work.  Hillman has written 21 books on faith and work-related subjects and a daily workplace email devotional entitled TGIF - Today God Is First that is read by several hundred thousand people daily in 105 countries. Os is married to Pamela and they live in north Atlanta.

Os Hillman has equipped leaders in 26 countries to succeed as Kingdom marketplace leaders who are making a difference in the world for Christ. He is a master teacher and equipper of leaders. 

"I was introduced to Os Hillman through his daily emails: TGIF and Listening to the Father’s Heart.  
I joined his mentoring program in July 2020.  The Change Agent Master Mentor Program has helped me in three ways.
1) Os has helped me understand spiritual warfare.  I 'grew up”'in a church tradition that did not emphasize the Holy Spirit or spiritual warfare.  Os has helped me become more aware of the enemy.  This has helped me to effectively fight the enemy.  Using this authority that I was unaware of has freed me of influences that I did not even know were hindering me, 2) It filled a void of mentoring.  The courses, case studies, and podcasts give good insight to valuable subjects, 3) The Change Agent Master Mentor Program has connected me to others seeking Jesus.  I have especially been encouraged by and enjoyed the monthly prayer and mentoring calls with the group."
- Russ Mitchell

“This program met me right where I was at. Os gave me insights into the core reasons I have not had breakthroughs in my life.” – Bill

Each week you get a suggested class to watch that requires only 1 hour of your time. You also have an option for a 1 hour group mentoring call each month with Os to cover the suggested sessions covered during a month. 

Why should you join the Change Agent MasterMentor Program?

Let 3 of our members tell you.

On one occasion a board member asked me if I knew why God made me. I said, “I didn’t know a person could know that.” She took me through a process of discovery that allowed me to write out my purpose statement: “God made Os Hillman to be an articulator and shepherd of foundational ideas.” 

If you answered yes to any one of those questions its because you are not clear about your purpose. You see, knowing your purpose gives you confidence to focus and know where to invest your time. Our program helps you know your purpose and, more importantly, why God made you. 

I help people discover their purpose in my courses. Every person needs to discover the larger story of their life. We'll help you do that.  Knowing your purpose becomes central to your vocational calling. We will help you write out your purpose statement. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Direction? Do you ever lack direction in your life?
  • Decisions: Do you ever struggle to know what you should be involved?
  • Focus: Do you sometimes have difficulty focusing on one thing?
  • ​Time: Can I invest one hour a week into myself to become a better Christian leader?

What You'll Gain from this Module

  • This course will allow you to be know where to invest your time because you use your purpose statement to filter your activites.
  • You'll be able to write out your purpose statement  in one sentence and refer to it regularly.
  • You'll find yourself operating in your gifting, not your weakness.

"The Joseph Calling course we did on leadership with you has allowed our leaders to connect, mentor, coach and lead all of the 700 plus employees and family extensions with more faith,  understanding in the times of prosperity and more importantly in the times of storms and challenges at a much deeper level and with greater purpose!  Thanks to the your course and the leadership content and insight within your books and the course program we were able to overcome a monstrous change in our business."
- John Petlanski, CEO, Pacific Medical

Do you have a healthy intimate relationship with God? Could your devotional times be better? Do you know the best resources to use to grow in your relationship with God? 

My wife, Pamela,  and I will reveal key things you need to do to have a fruitful devotional life. We'll help you establish an intimate relationship with God with the tools and processes you can use to grow in your relationship with God. We'll give you the tools we use in our own devotional times that have been beneficial to us. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Time: Am I spending time every morning reading the Bible and having some prayer time?
  • Quality: Do I sense God's presence during my devotional times?
  • Answers: Am I hearing God in my life? Did you know its rare to hear God during your devotional time? We'll explain why that unique phenomenon happens in a believer's life. 

How this will benefit you.

  • You'll learn to develop greater intimacy with God.
  • You'll learn a process that can be used in your daily devotional life.
  • You'll develop a listening ear with God.
  • You'll learn about resources that help you in every area of your devotional life.

"Since sitting under Os’s tutelage I have come to the revelation I have a destiny and that during the time we go through adversity God is preparing us for our destiny.  Os’s podcast, weekly newsletters and presentations have been important in my maturation."

Regina, Connecticut

One of the great lessons I learned from my adversity was that my adversity  was the catalyst to enlarge my story to live for a greater cause. We never think that in the beginning of an adversity. 

I realized that I often lived as a Monday morning atheist, my actions seem to demonstrate I was living a life not based on an active faith.
Most of us have never learn how to bring God in our Monday-Friday life. We'll show you how to understand what it means to manifest God's presence in your daily work life. Moses said, "If your presence does not go with us, then do not send me." That should be said about each of us. 

Our work should be our worship to God. We'll help you avoid being a Monday morning atheist. Let God reveal his presence in your daily work life call. 

Ask yourself these questions

  • Dualism: Dualism means we live two different lives; one at work and one at church. Are we living an integrated life? Would your co-workers believer you are a person of faith?
  • Power: Are you experiencing power in your walk with God at work? Is He helping you be successful in your work life?
  • Success: Are you successful in your working life? God wants you to be successful. He says in Dt. 8:18 that He gives us the power to create wealth. That is a covenant promise for every believer. We will show you how to receive all God has for you in this program.

Here's what you'll gain from this session.

  • You'll realize the spiritual nature of your work life call and how to embrace it.
  • You'll understand what the Bible says about work and its importance.
  • You'll be able manifest God's presence in your work life. 
  • You'll know the 4 attributes of a Christian in the workplace that God blesses.

"I have learned so much from the daily devotionals. One in particular is to ask God to help us make problem solvers in our workplace. I want Jesus to be magnified and lifted high in my work and through my work. I am excited to be part of Change Agent Mentor program to learn and grow in the workplace calling." - Janaki, Ireland

"I'm an extremely busy person. I own my own business. So, I wasn't sure I could take full advantage of this comprehensive program. I decided to do a little bit each week and that worked great for me. I'm glad I did. It was well worth the investment." - Jeffrey, Sacramento, CA

"It's THE most important proof you are a child of God."

I always struggled to hear God's voice. I needed to learn how to discern God's voice for myself. Throughout the many years of teaching leaders I have learned that the greatest struggle of workplace leaders is also knowing how to hear God -- to discern His will for direction in life and work. 

We'll help you understand how to develop a listening ear and help you know how God speaks to you personally. This is foundation for every leader. We'll also help you know who God speaks to you personally. This is something most people do not understand -- God speaks to each of us differently based on our personalities. 

Ask yourself these questions

  • Hearing: Am I hearing God regularly?
  • Direction: Am I getting direction from God?
  • Answers: Am I seeing answers to prayer on a regular basis?
If the answer is no to any one of these questions, we can help you develop a stronger relationship with God that will be a two-way relationship.

Here's what you'll gain from this session.

  • You'll learn to hear God's voice more clearly and discern the difference between your thoughts and God's thoughts.
  • You'll learn how God speaks uniquely to you versus how He speaks to others.
  • How to get breakthroughs with God in prayer and discern any blockages to your prayer life.

Do you have a mentor? I cannot say how important mentors were in my journey with God. I have had 3 major mentors who shaped me and helped me grow in my calling and ministry. Every person needs a mentor. Being mentored by those who are seasoned and have experienced a lot more of life than me has proven to be invaluable. 

Today I try to do the same for those who want to be mentored and coached. Wisdom is often caught versus taught. In this program there will be time available to engage with me and other others so you gain the wisdom of others who have gone before you. Joshua had Moses, Elisha had Elijah, Timothy had Paul. Who do you have? Allow me to play a role in your life.

How would you answer these questions?

  • Sounding Board? Who is the person I go to when ? need sound advice in business and life?
  • Mentor? Do I have a mentor who has the experience and spiritual depth to give me solid advice?
  • Coach? Who is the person in my life that I know can give me sound advice when I need it?

Here's what you'll gain from our mentoring times.

  • Our weekly or monthly calls will allow you to get input from me and other class members.
  • You'll be able to process what we are learning each week together. 
  • You'll develop relationships with other Kingdom leaders that will become lasting friendships. 
  • Our mentoring calls will be the sources of wisdom and ideas for you to apply in every area of your work life calling.

"Os Hillman's coaching and mentoring changed my life!"
- Patti Plough, CEO, Excel Legacy

If you don't have a person in your life that can help you like this, our program can fill that gap in your life. 

I once heard a story told about David Ogilvy who is regarded as the father of modern-day advertising. He is founder of Ogilvy & Mather Advertising. A man wanted his advice about a business problem he was having. He asked if he could have 10 minutes of his time and he would gladly pay him for that time. He sat down with the man and heard his problem. He gave the man his answer and the man said, "That's incredible! That is exactly what I should do! Thank you so much! How much do I owe you?"

Ogilvy told the man, "$25,000." The man was incredulous. That only took you 10 minutes to solve that problem. How can you ask to be paid $25,000? "Sir, it took me 25 years to be able to solve that problem." 

That is how I look at mentoring and coaching. I've learned a lot through hard knocks and simply working for 40 years in different types of jobs. I've also been in the non-profit ministry world for 25 years and the for-profit world too. You pick up a lot of wisdom when you fail forward. That's what I can bring to you if you are in our program. 
I am often amazed how often someone asks me a question about something they are dealing with. I say, "Oh, I have a tool for that. Go here...."

Each month we have a group mentoring call and a prayer call with our members. These are rich times of getting to know members from around the US and internationally. It is a rich time of learning and growing together.

A mentor once said to me, "You are always attacked in the place your inheritance. You will always be attacked in the area of relationships because that is where your inheritance lies." 

Wow! What a profound truth! I learned I was a very transactional leader. If you wanted to meet with me you had to say what your business was and I would determine if you were worth meeting with. Sad, isn’t it? But that is who I was. 

Today, I have learned to be a relational leader and what I have learned has impacted thousands of Type A leaders to become more relational. 

What you learn in this session will transform your marriage relationship, your work and even your relationship with your children. 

Ask yourself these questions

  • Conflict? Are you experiencing any conflict in relationships?
  • Connected? Do people ever say you are disconnected emotionally? If you are married, is there room for an improved relationship? Is there room to improve in your communication skills?
  • Transactional? Are you a bottom line person? Do you like results, sometimes at the expense of relationships?
Being a relational leader means caring about people more than projects, but not at the expense of projects. We'll show you the difference. 

Here's what you'll gain from these sessions.

  • You'll understand the difference between a transactional leader and a relational leader.
  • You'll be more productive as you learn to relate to others more effectively.
  • You'll learn the most effective way to host a meeting. You get a free download with specifics. 
  • You'll learn the art of being relational which will lead to more productivity.

Why did Jesus have such influence? Think about that. He had influence because He solved a problem for each person He met. A Kingdom principle I learned years ago was we are called to be problem solvers. If you solve problems for someone you will have influence in their life. 

People don’t care who solves their problem, they just want their problem solved. That is how we change culture. So,  I show you how to be a problem solver and how to be salt and light in an often unfriendly culture. We also show you have to build bridges into the lives of people who have a different worldview than you. 

Ask yourself these questions  

  • Influence? Do you have influence on others in your life?
  • Jesus Do you know the number one reason Jesus had influence?
  • People People don't care who solves their problem. They just want their problem solved. Are you a problem solver?

Here's what you'll gain from these sessions.

  • You'll gain access to 50 difference presentations from leaders who spoke at our 2019 International Culture Shapers Summit.
  • You'll hear from Lance Wallnau and other leaders in the 7 cultural mountains and how to be more influential in our culture.
  • ​You'll learn the #1 ingredient to being more influential.
  • ​You'll meet other influencers through our monthly adn weekly calls.  
  • ​You'll engage with other influencers on our Private Facebook community.

We have a special website just for culture shapers

Deuterononmy 8:18 says we have been given the ability to create wealth.But how does that happen? Creating wealth is a byproduct of healthy habits and applying the Word of God to every aspect of our lives. It requires intentional habits that yield results.  

When I show leaders how to do this, the byproduct is they often increase income in their lives.  So how do we actually walk in that promise? I show you how in our program.   

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Money? Do I need more money to achieve the things I really want to do?
  • Blockage? Does there seem to be a blockage in my cash flow?
  • Stuck? Am I stuck in a seemingly deadend job or situation?

If the answer is yes to any one of these question our program will help you get a breakthrough.

Here's what you gain from this module.

  • You'll learn how to receive from God.
  • You'll know how to remove blockages in your finances.
  • You'll learn that financial breakthrough is not just having skill but it also involves hearing and discerning where God is moving in your working life. 
  • ​You'll learn how to walk in Dt 8:18 that says every believer should walk in prosperity in order to establish God's Kingdom on earth.

There are very few people who understand the "Joseph Calling" like I do. We teach extensively on this in our program. Come join other "Josephs" and let's figure things out together. 

In 1994 I discovered I had a "Joseph Calling" on my life during a 7 year crisis. I also learned I had a generational stronghold  that contributed to my adversity. This impacted my relationships very negatively. A mentor helped me gain freedom. 

Now I help others understand God's processes in adversity and help men and women understand how to be free from their own generational strongholds through my training. We help "Josephs" fulfill their destinies and understand God's processes in the Joseph Calling. You'll learn the 4 reasons you can go through adversity and how to turn your adversities into a larger story for your life. 

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Discouraged? Are you experiencing major adversity right now?
  • Confused? Are you struggling to make sense of your life circumstances?
  • Wisdom? Do you know the source of your adversity and lack of breakthrough?
We have a 5-session course on the Joseph Calling in the Change Agent MasterMentor program based on Os's best selling book. We also have a 9-session conference replay available in the Change Agent Network. 

Here's what you'll gain from this module.

  • You'll know if you have a "Joseph Calling"
  • You'll learn to navigate difficult seasons in your life.
  • You'll better understand how God uses adversity to advance the larger story of your life.
  • ​You'll gain practical tools to help you fulfill your destiny!

Even if you have gone through any of my training in the past you will gain new insights from my newly updated training. I've added many new teachings that will impact your life. 

This is how this program came about.  I often feel like I've had 3 lives. Each life has given me incredible experiences, many not so nice. But with each one I learned valuable lessons. I am now in a stage of life where I want impart what I have learned to others through this Change Agent MasterMentor program. There’s a whole lot more I will provide for you that what i have covered here, and you can access it all 24/7. And, if you ever feel like the program is no longer for you, just cancel. No questions asked. 

What I have shared above is what every believer needs in their life. But I have realized that some don’t embrace these things for various reasons. For instance,

• Some people don't think they have the time to invest in such a program. It only requires one hour a week of your time.
• Some people doubt someone like me can really deliver on such promises.
• Some people think they simply can’t afford whatever it might cost to get trained by someone like me.
• Still others have given up on their dreams.

Here’s a few comments from those who have gone through my program.

“I always looked at myself as ‘little-ole me’ who could never make a big difference in the world. Os showed me that was a lie. I now have a renewed vigor to live for a greater cause.” – Joyce

“I needed a financial breakthrough in my life. Os revealed to me what was hindering me from getting that breakthrough. I made some major changes. I got my breakthrough! Thank you Os!”     --Ralph

“There’s no other program like what I learned in Change Agent. I gained so much from Os’s teaching and mentorship.” – Beverly

You Have Access to Me 24/7
Nobody believes this when i say it, but it's true. We use a special Text-App that your name and phone will be entered so you can text about anything you need to bounce off of me. You could sign up right away and you will be instructed on how to upload the app. Then you can text me right after. 

I'll be your sounding board. I'll listen to your ideas, your challenges, your opportunities and use my years of experience to give you my thoughts so you can solve your problem. You can also post any ideas on our CAN Facebook Private Community and myself and others can give you our input. 

People are often amazed at how many resources our ministry has. Each of those resources has a purpose to help someone gain freedom in some area of their life. 

New Courses. New Insights. New Truths to Help You Succeed.
I’ve been teaching and equipping leaders for over 30 years. But I recently updated my training courses and added a lot of new tools for leaders to be able to be more successful in their work life call. Our training involves video, PowerPoints, and worksheets for you to get the most from the program.

You have access to our training 24/7 through a password-protected website where all of our training resides. We add new sessions each week. Then, we have an optional live Zoom meeting with our members to ask me questions and hear comments from other participants. Our Foundations Program allows you to access live Zoom calls once a month. Our Advanced Coaching Program allows once a week Zoom calls for group coaching.

You’ll Be Part of a Private Facebook Community of Leaders
Our program allows those in the program to connect with one another. Our Private Facebook Community allows learning to be shared through interaction and questions from those in the program. You'll also receive a special app called CoMission that connects leaders from around the world around Kingdom initiatives. 

Zoom Group Coaching
Each month I'll be available on a Zoom call to answer questions and discuss the courses we recommend each week. You can chose one our a month or 4-5 hours a month depending on the level of membership you desire. Either way, you gain insights from me and other members.

Do you qualify to be in this program?
I've learned over the years that a program like this is not for everybody. In fact, there are a few requirements that must be met for us to accept you in this program
1) Are You Hungry for God? Are you a person that desires to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God? If so, you qualify.

2) Are You a Self-starter? Are you a person that will take initiative to access the training courses online and engage frequently with the only Zoom calls? (I say frequently because I don't expect perfect attendance because things happen in life.) If so, you qualify.

3) Will you honor others in the program? Will you seek to honor others who are in the program and not use this as a place to build your business? (I am all for relationships that form organically). If so, you qualify.

4) Do you make at least $10,000 of income from your work? This program is not a charity or a church program. It's a professional training, mentoring and group coaching program. You need to be actively working to benefit from this program. 

 The Power of a Learning Together as Leaders
There’s something special about a community that walks together. I love the example of William Wilberforce. He had 18 other individuals who impacted England through 69 world changing initiatives. My prayer is our group become close knit and gets to know one another. We will also have a once a year gather of all our Change Agent MasterMentor participants hosted in Atlanta. This will be the highlight of your time!

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied after 30 days of being in the program. And you can cancel at any time. 

Receive 40 Downloadable Resources Valued
at $800 Immediately Upon Enrollment

Your Membership is Accessed on the Change Agent Network.
You have immediate access to 37 courses & 140 sessions.
More added monthly!

The value of our program far exceeds the actual cost we are charging for this program. Take a look at what the market value of this program would be in the general marketplace for training and coaching versus the actual cost of the program. 

What others say

The Information was Incredible!

“The information Os shared with us is so incredible. I’m still processing it. It has been so good and rich. I plan to use a lot of Os’s material in my Masters program that I teach in Charlotte. I took so many notes to integrate and teach. I really feel equipped and affirmed in my work life calling. I look forward to disseminating all that I’ve learned to others."          
                                                              Nadya, Charlotte, NC 

An Exceptional Program!

“The Change Agent Network is an exceptional, teaching, equipping and relationship building web portal design just for you and me!”                                               
            Dr. Lance Wallnau,
            Lance Learning Group, Dallas, TX

He helped us realize our potential.

“Os, we were blessed to receive your Change Agent training in Hawaii.  Your leadership made a huge difference in the lives of our people. I’m still getting a lot of emails and texts about what you shared. Thank you very much Os for all that you do and your ministry.

                                                 Kaulana, Oahu, Hawaii

“He showed me my work is to be my worship!”

“Os Hillman’s training on what it means to be a change agent is remarkable. Oh my goodness! I can’t stop talking about it… it’s in my soul. As a millennial a lot of times in school we learn about work, but we don’t see how that is to be worship unto our God. I’m very excited about the truths I’ve learned through Os Hillman and his training. Everyone should take advantage of this program!”  

                                                                     Marny, NJ

He helped me embrace my Joseph Calling!

“I met Os through the internet when I learned about The Joseph Calling in his book, Upside of Adversity. I had to be in Atlanta and we visited. I read The Joseph Calling and found that teaching to be the most helpful to me because very few people understand what happens to a business person when they go through severe adversity. Os was very helpful to me in explaining the process and how to embrace the journey. I recommend any training you are able to receive from Os. He wrote about my story in his book, The Joseph Calling.”

                                                                 Denise, Chicago, IL

“He helped me with my transitions in life!”

““Os, I just wanna say thank you for all that you’ve done for me these last 12 months. You’re such a gifted man with a lot of talents.  For me to be able to just be with you on a monthly basis was just awesome. The way I had access to you was an authentic way that you went about our coaching relationship.  I think if you are mentored by Os you get a person that loves the Lord and also has a good perspective on life and business.  Thank you very much, Os, and best of luck for you in the future.   
                                                        Louis, St. Louis, MO

"Before I was part of the Change Agent program I was just going through the motions of going to church. Os taught me to actually experience God in my personal life. This program has changed my life. I love spending time with God in mornings now." --Robert, St. Louis

Listen to Why Mark, an Atlanta Architect Enrolled

Here are the things you're going to gain from being in our program.

"Os Hillman has a unique command of the revelation surrounding Joseph and his life. His mastery is the byproduct of a lifetime of research and personal experience combined with a special anointing to put it all together. Os can help you get accurate on fulfilling the call in your life. I love this book and heartily recommend it to you!”                                               Dr. Lance Wallnau, Lance Learning Group
Facebook Private Community
Ask Questions & Connect with Other Leaders in the Change Agent MasterMentor Program
One of the values of a program like this is the people you rub shoulders with. The old saying, "It's all in who you know." That is often true. You'll rub should with some awesome Kingdom-minded people in the marketplace that may become life-long friends. Our private Facebook community allows you to engage with others in the program. I will post to the community daily and engage with anyone who wants to engage. 
Listen to this Testimonial from Denise
"In the Joseph Calling: 6 Stages to discover, navigate, and fulfill your purpose, Os Hillman has found a wonderful way of expressing the deeper things of the Lord. This will cause many to mirror their own lives in the experiences he has shared and bring confirmation to their calling from God. This is of utmost importance as we all share in God’s primary purpose— the coming of his kingdom, and that God’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven—anything else would be to receive God’s grace for selfish purposes. "

-J. Gunnar Olson Founder of ICCC, International Christian Chamber of Commerce

Mentors have played a huge role in my life. I could not be where I am without the mentors God brought into my life. Having a mentor who has "been there, done that" has tremendous value.

Our group mentoring sessions will allow you to engage with me and others who are desiring to be Kingdom marketplace leaders who want to make a difference in their calling. Together we will walk through 10 core areas that I have found to be the most important areas for success in life and work.

Here's what happens after you enroll.

  • ​You get immediate access to signup with your username and password.
  • ​ You get immediate access to all training and downloadable resources.
  • ​ Each week Os will focus on one course. 
  • ​There is an order we suggest you follow.
  • ​Each week Os will focus on one course. There is an order we suggest you follow.
  • ​You'll get access via a private page on CAN to download free resources
  • ​You get a worksheet downloadable with that class
  • Os will discuss that class or mutilple classes on our weekly or monthly Zoom call . You'll be notified about each Zoom call.
  • ​We encourage you to visit our CA Private Facebook regularly for comments from Os.
  • ​This process is repeated weekly for you to gain the most from your membership.
  • ​New classes are added monthly.

Choose from 2 Payment Options - Monthly 
or Annual Membership (Save $38)  

Get Immediate Access Upon Registration! Start Learning Today!